Simone Virgini (born,1993) is a freelance illustrator who has been living between Italy and Spain since 2014. He has a Fine Arts qualification from the city of Macerata where, soon after deciding to specialize in illustration, he signed up to the "Master de ilustración Profesional de Barriera Arte y Diseño" in Valencia. After completing the course, he will specialize as Editorial Illustrator for Press and Magazines with a specific course like "Soojin & Chris Buzelli: Start to finish. Start to publish" in Vienna.

During his degree, he participated in different expositions and projects including “Sarnanoscape” in the city of Sarnano, and the coordination and the development of the art workshop “Sgrizzomania” with the regional company "Asur".

In his illustrations he combines pictorial language through different digital means, producing oneiric, enigmatic atmospheres, often bound to anthropologic reflections. Through expressions of the body, the human being stands as the key representative element in most compositions.

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©2018 Simone Virgini

©2018 Simone Virgini